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I’m Anu! I research, make, craft, code, and sometimes, I hack things.

I’m Anu! I research, make, craft, code, and sometimes, hack things.

Internet of Towels 🧶 - Knotty Articulations

I created the Internet of Towels as part of my exploration into data technologies using only fiber arts and crafts (see, for example, my CryptoCrochet-Key project). In plain view, the towel looks just like any other knitted fabric with an abstract pattern on it, but when tilted to 45 degrees (see bottom image), it reveals a QR code that is detectable to any smartphone camera or QR code scanning app.

The process behind it is the application of computational thinking to making and crafting. My aim was to devise something new and valuable through the creativity emerging from remixing materials, patterns, and abstractions with ideas, objects, and systems (Gaskins, 2021). This project combines two patterns or techniques namely lenticular images and QR codes, resulting in an absurdly new kind of computational object — the Internet of Towels. 

Here is the link to a tutorial for making the Internet of Towels.