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I’m Anu! I research, make, craft, code, and sometimes, I hack things.

I’m Anu! I research, make, craft, code, and sometimes, hack things.

Secure Your Home IoT with the CryptoCrochet-Key 🧶🔐

The CryptoCrochet-Key is part ‘hack’ and part ‘pedagogical device’ that defamiliarizes existing computational practices (learning code) from an intersectional feminist lens. Using a handy yarn named ‘Crypto’, I encrypt a physical key through crochet and then teach a computer to recognize the crocheted key using Machine Learning. This project is created to be inclusive and empowering for those skilled in other ways than traditional programmers and to show how their skills can contribute to a critical discussion of data-driven technologies—i.e. by putting the tech to radically different uses.

Here you will find a link to the 3 part tutorial to the CryptoCrochet-Key. It begins with instructions for making the key and then moves to the Machine Learning part of the project. The final part shows how to run the CryptoCrochet-Key Machine Learning model securely on a Raspberry Pi 4.

The image below is a screenshot from the hacker news platform which originally covered this project.