Anuradha Reddy
(dr. - she/her)

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Hello! I am a design researcher with a critical making practice via craftivisms, hardware hacks, and re-appropriation of data technologies.

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I am a design researcher with a critical making practice via craftivisms, hardware hacks and re-appropriations of data-driven technologies. 

Open Hardware Project: Moon-phases + Period tracking Calendar

Research Article: Artificial Everyday Creativity

Open Hardware Talk: Knotty Hardware

Research Workshop: Venetian Drawing Conversations

Research Pictorial: Drawing Conversations Mediated by AI

Research Pictorial: Exploring Kolam As An Ecofeminist Computational Art Practice

Open Hardware Project: BOOB-Factor Authentication in Banjara Embroidery

Open Hardware Project: Internet of Towels - Knotty Articulations

Open Hardware Project: Secure Your Home IoT with the CryptoCrochet-Key

Open Hardware Project: Make Your Own Resistor Cushion

Research Article: Making Everyday Things Talk

Research Workshop: More-Than-Human Design & AI

PhD Dissertation: Researching IoT Through Design

Research Workshop: Encountering Ethics In Data-Enabled IoT

Research Article: The Role of Participation in Designing For IoT

Book chapter: Feeling At Home with the Internet of Things

Research Article: Platform Ethics in Technology

Research Article: Where is the Interface?

Research Project: Thing (Data) Perspectives

Research Project: Ethnography of Open Street Mapping

Research Project: Living with a Smart Plug

Research Workshop: Subverting IoT Futures

Project Garden 🌵️

Prototyping in Figma - WiP

Some projects never make it to this website because I use Twitter as a project log. When I want to show specific projects to folks, I find searching for them difficult as my project Tweets tend to get mixed up with other Twitter timelines. To make searching for projects somewhat easier and fun, I created an interactive prototype using Figma that allows anyone to scroll through my projects - each linked to its Twitter logs and accessible at a single click. As a bonus, I am happy to see these projects collected in one place - my very own project garden - where I plant new ideas, make things and grow my practice 🌵️🧶⌘🤖🎨🧵🌈 

This prototype uses the ‘Apple Summary Slide Template’ by madewithjello︎︎︎ in Figma. In the future, I hope to customize this template to make it look more garden-like 🌝️ loosely inspired by the idea of digital gardening︎︎︎