Anuradha Reddy
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I am a post-doctoral fellow  researching the relations between design, hacking, and data-driven technology.

I am a post-doctoral fellow researching the relations between design, hacking, and artificial intelligence.


Crafting with Crochet As Open Source Hardware (OSHW) Hacking

Hackspace Magazine Issue#40
I published a tutorial piece in Hackspace magazine (part of RaspberryPi Foundation) to get into the ‘hacker’ mindset while experimenting with the boundaries of what counts as Open Source Hardware through my crocheting hobby.

I crrocheted a Resistor Cushion, similar to a pin/needle cushion but for resistors. The cushion has been certified as Open Source Hardware (OSHW) under the CERN Open Hardware License (CERN-OHL-1.2). It’s documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attributions (CC-BY-4.0) license.

The published tutorial can be accessed via this PDF link. I’m working on a reflective academic piece on this process.

Issue#40 Cover:

Front Image of the tutorial:

The complete magazine issue can be accessed here.